An introduction

Hey guys!

I’ll start with a little introduction.

I do not want to give out my identity, because that’ll keep me from writing certain things because people will be watching me, creeping all over the place and such. That is why I will only briefly tell you who I am and what I do.

I am a girl from the Netherlands. Next year I will start my study to be a flight attendant. I may write about this later. My age will be kept secret, but I’ll promise you I am not some 50 year old guy pretending to be a girl from the Netherlands. 🙂 In real life I am quite shy, and that’s also why I do not give out my identity.

My hobbies are art and cooking. I also like travelling a lot, but I (unfortunately) am not rich enough to be able to call that a hobby. I am quite impulsive, and once I think of something I will actually do it, so beware! 😛

I will mainly be blogging about my hobbies. I also like learning, and once I’ve done something new or something that’s on my day zero list, I will post about it! 🙂

I also want to advertise for people. With people I mean people, not companies. If you want others to see your art, your website, webshop, the story you are currently writing, a contest you are taking part in or a contest that you are holding then feel free to e-mail me. I want to advertise for you, but to a certain point. The blog should be the things I write and a little bit of advertisement, not the other way around.


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