I always get my sin

Dutch people can speak English. Teenagers can speak it pretty well nowadays. Education has improved a  lot over the past years. However, not everybody can speak English as good as they think they can. Many Dutch people change a Dutch word and make it sound English, or literally translate a saying into English. Here are some funny/strange examples:

I always get my sin.

Dutch sentence: “Ik krijg altijd mijn zin”.

Real English sentence: “I always get what I want.”

May I thank your cock for the lovely dinner?

Dutch sentence: “Mag ik de kok bedanken voor het heerlijke eten?”

Real English sentence: “May I thank the cook for the lovely dinner?”

I fock horses.

Dutch sentence: “Ik fok paarden.”

Real English sentence: “I breed horses.”

You should not look a given horse in the back.

Dutch sentence: “Je moet een gegeven paard nooit in de bek kijken.”

It is a saying. It means that you should be happy with your present.

You can calculate on that.

Dutch sentence “Daar kan je op rekenen.”

Real English sentence: “You can count on that.”

What’s on the hand?

Dutch sentence “Wat is er aan de hand?”

Real English sentence: “What’s wrong?”

That smells an hour in the wind!

Dutch sentence “Dat ruikt een uur in de wind!”

Real English sentence: “That smells really bad!”

He is underway.

Dutch sentence “Hij is onderweg.”

Real English sentence: “He is on his way.”

Make that the cat wise.

Dutch sentence “Maak dat de kat wijs.”

Real English sentence: “I don’t believe you.”

You are not good snick.

Dutch sentence “Jij bent niet goed snik.”

Real English sentence: “You are crazy.”

I have you in the holes.

Dutch sentence “Ik heb je in de gaten.”

Real English sentence: “I’m watching you.”

There comes the monkey out of the sleeve.

Dutch sentence “Daar komt de aap uit de mouw.”

Real English sentence: “Now we see what’s real.”

And possibly the worst mistake a Dutchman can make:

Sorry, whore!

When they say this when they are mad at you, they really mean it this way. The problem is, that the way you guys say “whore”, we have a word that’s pronounced exactly the same. It’s called “hoor”. There is no literal translation for it in English, but it’s a bit like “you know”.


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