Weed, whores and wooden shoes

I like talking to people from other countries. I, like many other Dutch people, like learning and I am open for other cultures.  I chat with people from all over the world, and this way I get to hear some prejudices about the Dutch too. I named some below.

1: All Dutch people are farmers

2: All Dutch people wear wooden shoes

3: All Dutch people have tulips in their garden

4: All Dutch people smoke weed

5: All Dutch people are kinky

6: All Dutch people are greedy

7: All Dutch people live in windmills

8: All Dutch people eat cheese

9: All Dutch people go on holidays with a caravan


These things actually make me laugh. Of course there are many farmers, we need food after all, don’t we? In India there are a lot of engineers and many think no one in Africa has a house, but they do, don’t they?


A long time ago many people wore wooden shoes. These were comfortable (they said) and part of how we dressed. It was the same for us back then as jeans are right now. You need to cover yourself and you need to be protected from the cold. Many still wear wooden shoes, but that’s more in the south and the north, in the small towns. They mostly don’t wear them in cities anymore.


Tulips are beautiful flowers, and yes, they are sold a lot in here. We have huge fields full of tulips around Amsterdam, but not many have them in their garden or homes. Tulips are the same as roses to us nowadays. In the war, they even ate tulips to have food.


About the weed and being kinky, that’s not for ALL Dutch people. American people smoke weed too, and lets say, Brazilian people can be kinky too. This is just a wrong image you all got because of what Amsterdam is known for. I have never seen a prostitute in real life, and I have never smoked weed either. Not everyone is high all day every day.


Windmills are not for living, actually. Some people live in it, but they are actually made for grain.


Dutch people do eat cheese. You can get it at every supermarket in here, we love cheese. I like cheese, but I don’t eat it in other countries. The cheese in Turkey and China for example tastes funny, not like the cheese we are used to. Many people that eat cheese eat cow’s cheese, even though goat’s cheese isn’t uncommon either. We eat cheese on a slice of bread or we use it in meals. Even though many eat cheese, not everybody does.


About the caravan thing, that may be true. Not everybody goes on holidays with the caravan but it is definitely popular. If you say ALL Dutch people go on holiday with caravans, then you can easily say that about Germans too. I live at the coast and in the summer most of the people walking around are German, and almost all of them come with a caravan.


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