Winter photography ideas

ImageIn the Netherlands the winter already more or less started. Barely any trees have leafs left, the leafs that fell on the ground are already black, it’s starting to freeze a little bit at night and people already walk around wearing gloves and scarves. I’m developing some sort of obsession for photography, and I panicked knowing I have never managed to take a nice picture in the winter. I’ve picked some nice pictures as inspiration for winter photography.

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All of the pics I use for my 365 days project are mine. If you want to use them somewhere, please ask my permission first.

Balls of sweet potato

I know the fact that there’s no picture doesn’t look too promising, but I promise you they taste very nice.

I had a picture but it didn’t have a very good quality.


330 grams sweet potatoes

3 tbsp flour

¾ egg

3 spring onions, white and green parts


1 tsp salt

2 tbsp brown cane sugar

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The search for my talents and making money with them

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make money, and the only way to be really succesful is by doing what you are good at and what other people want. Problem is, I’m not good at anything! I’ve been struggling with this for a while now, I have no idea what my talents are. I used to draw a lot, but I sort of forgot how to. I’m not amazing at photography either, I like cooking but it doesn’t sell, I cannot write, I won’t be a good thief. Then what AM I good at?

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Earning money online

So, I’ve been having trouble with money lately. Read: I’ve got €0,15 left for the rest of the month. That is not enough. I’m trying to get a job but this crisis is making it pretty hard. That is why I’ve been trying to get into making money online. I decided to make a blog post about this, seeing I’m not the only one who could use a little extra.


The website I made the most money with is . To join this website you must have a paypal account, this is made easily plus you earn €0,01. Woah, I know right! Your first money earned online!

After you’ve registered you can make a “gig”. You will offer something unique for $5. You will nog get the full $5, but if you offer something pretty awesome, you can make some money out of it. If people have seen your gigs and they want something more (for example, I translate English text into Dutch), they can always message you. I’ve been asked to translate a book now (300 pages). This will pay a lot more than you originally offered. You will get many chances to make some money.

Many people are active on this website, I’ve made only $5 so far, but there are a lot of messages waiting for me to answer them, so this will soon be more. People upload the strangest things, but I found that translating a text pays best for me.

Fiverr does not have any fancy banners, so I’ll just put a link here.


Euroclix pays pretty well too, for me. I saved about €6,50 with it, and it is my third day using it. You may wonder how they earn the money to pay you for clicking random things. I wondered the same, so I looked it up. Companies pay euroclix (and other websites like it) to put their link and/or banner on their website. Once euroclix uploaded the banner, people will click on it to earn “clix”. The people clicking on the banner will be sent to the webshop of a company, and some stick around and buy something. This is a win/win/win situation. The company pays euroclix, euroclix pays you, and you all make money. Websites like these usually are safe. I’ve googled around for euroclix, and it is safe. All you have to do is fill in surveys, click links and sign up to websites. You also get discount codes which you will save clix with, if you use them. Easy as that!  Click the banner and sign up. You can easily pretend you’re from the UK if you really are from the US, who cares. Everybody earns money!

Aanbiedingen bij EuroClix

Stock photography

On my search to easy money making I’ve also came across stock photography. For this you don’t need a fancy camera. You need a simple background, a camera that does have a good quality (so no blackberry phones), and good lightning. The easiest way to get the right lightning for me is a room full of windows at 8 am. This is cheap and the sunlight is really bright. Just grab a new binder with a nice colour (I’ve done this before, as long as you don’t see it’s a binder it’s fine), put it in front of the object you want to photograph and do your best! Make sure the picture is straight. Nobody wants moved pictures or pictures that are not horizontal.

I would upload one of those nice banners from shutterstock, but I don’t feel the need to scan my passport for them, to advertise for them. So here’s the link of shutterstock:
Royalty Free Images


You write an article, about anything and publish it. You can add a google AdSense account to your articles. If you are good, you can earn a nice amount of money. I’ve read it works, so why no trying it?

Sponsored tweets

Make money by letting others advertise with your twitter account, only just signed up so I didn’t get the chance to try it out yet, but it seems to make “good” money. Please keep in mind that a real job does pay more.

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Social Spark

This is all about blogging. Advertisers ask you to blog about something, you do it, and you get paid. Payments are made from $5. It’s so easy even I understand it!

Set Your Price. Choose your Advertisers. Sign up for SocialSpark!



Do you already make money online?

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