Meringue frosting


2 eggs

120 grams white granulated sugar

180 grams butter at room temperature


Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites. Make sure the egg yolks don’t mix with the egg white. Keep the egg white, but throw the egg yolks away, you won’t be needing them any longer.

Put the egg whites and the sugar in a pan and turn the fire on, but keep it low. Keep on stirring the mixture to prevent burning. Heat this until the sugar has completely dissolved. Let it to cool for a short time (3 minutes). Once those 3 minutes have passed, (you can feel this if you stick your finger in it, but don’t burn your fingers), you can start to mix the mixture. The mixture is supposed to change structure. At first, it’s a bit watery, when it’s done it should be very stiff. Let it to cool again, if it isn’t fully cooled down yet. Once it’s on a temperature which will keep the butter from melting, you can start adding the butter bit by bit. Once you have finished this, your frosting is finished.

Please tell me if you have seen any spelling and / or grammar errors. I’m doing my best, but English still is not my first language.


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