Something about the Dutch


Before I started this blog, I had other blogs as well. I always noticed that blog posts about my country, or any other country than their own in general, were read quite often. Because of this I made a little article about the Dutch. I have a lot of things to tell you, so I won´t write it all in once. That´d be a shame of my article. 😛

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Weed, whores and wooden shoes

I like talking to people from other countries. I, like many other Dutch people, like learning and I am open for other cultures.  I chat with people from all over the world, and this way I get to hear some prejudices about the Dutch too. I named some below.

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I always get my sin

Dutch people can speak English. Teenagers can speak it pretty well nowadays. Education has improved a  lot over the past years. However, not everybody can speak English as good as they think they can. Many Dutch people change a Dutch word and make it sound English, or literally translate a saying into English. Here are some funny/strange examples:

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